Understanding Sinusitis
Sinusitis, often called a sinus infection, is not very nice. It’s when your sinuses, those air-filled spaces in your skull, get all inflamed and swollen. When this happens, you might feel pressure in your face, a stuffy or runny nose, and a headache that just won’t go away.

Spotting the Symptoms
If you are wondering if you’ve got sinusitis then, look out for these signs

  • Stuffy or runny nose that lasts more than a week
  • Headache
  • Pain in your face
  • Feeling tired or rundown.

If you’ve got these symptoms, it might be time to come and see us at Church Pharmacy Clinic to see our Pharmacists or book an appointment with our Pharmacy First Service.

Common Misdiagnoses
Sometimes sinusitis gets mistaken for other things, like a cold or allergies. But here’s the thing, if your symptoms stick around for more than 10 days, chances are its sinusitis, not just a pesky cold.

The Risks of Ignoring It
You might think, “Ah, it’s just a sinus infection. It’ll go away on its own.” But hang on! Ignoring sinusitis can lead to some nasty complications, like a bacterial infection or even an abscess in your sinuses.

Early Signs to Watch For
The key to beating sinusitis? Catching it early. So, keep an eye out for those early warning signs, like feeling stuffed up or having a headache that won’t go away. The sooner you spot it, the sooner you can nip it in the bud.

Dealing with Sinusitis:
So, what can you do if you’ve got sinusitis? Well, first things first: come and see us at Church Pharmacy Clinic and book an appointment under the Pharmacy First Service. We can save you a trip to the doctor and we might recommend things like over-the-counter medication to help with the symptoms or prescribe antibiotics if it’s a bacterial infection.