Understanding Travel Vaccinations: Insights from Church Pharmacy’s Travel Clinic

Adventurous spirits often find themselves exploring different corners of the world. You might be on an adventure too so ensuring your safety and health should be a priority. Various regions have unique viruses and diseases, making pre-travel vaccinations crucial. If you’re preparing for an international trip, especially to places with heightened health risks, our travel clinic at Church Pharmacy is here to help.

Navigating the World of Travel Vaccinations

  1. Hepatitis A & B: Both these viruses result in liver diseases but are contracted differently. Hepatitis A, commonly contracted through contaminated food or water, can be lethal in rare cases. Hepatitis B spreads through blood and body fluids. Ensure you’re vaccinated, especially if visiting areas where these diseases are prevalent. Church Pharmacy offers both Hepatitis A and B vaccinations to ensure you travel safely.
  2. Typhoid: Found in regions with poor sanitation, Typhoid is a major concern for travelers. Our travel clinic provides two primary vaccines against Typhoid. As a precaution, avoid uncooked food, consume only sealed bottled water, and steer clear from ice in such areas.
  3. Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio: Though children in the UK are vaccinated for these, it’s vital to ensure you’re covered when traveling to risk-prone areas.
  4. Meningitis ACWY (for Hajj and Umrah): Especially recommended for travelers attending mass gatherings in high-risk areas like some parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia. If you’re participating in Hajj or Umrah, a consultation at Church Pharmacy’s travel clinic is a must.
  5. Anti-Malarial Tablets: Essential if you’re traveling to malaria-endemic regions. Plan ahead, as it’s advised to start these tablets 4-6 weeks prior to your trip.
  6. Yellow Fever Vaccination: Specific details can be found on the NHS website. However, be sure to understand the risks, especially if you have certain medical conditions, work in medical or aid settings, or will be in contact with animals.

Special Services & Recommendations

  • Certificates of proof of vaccination for Hajj and Umrah are provided, meeting the mandatory requirements for pilgrimage.
  • Prioritise vaccinations based on your age, health, and the nature of your trip.
  • Updated regulations on travel vaccinations are always evolving. Stay informed.

How we can help you

Exploring new destinations should not come at the cost of your health. Vaccinations are an essential tool in safeguarding against potential health threats during travel. At Church Pharmacy, our team is equipped to guide you through your pre-travel medical needs, ensuring that your next adventure is both exciting and safe.