Combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid

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What is hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a viral infection, which affects the human liver. The hepatitis A virus is usually ingested via contaminated food or water and is endemic to countries with an insufficient sanitation system. The severity of the symptoms varies in different people and can range from mild to very severe.

What is typhoid?

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi. It is a highly contagious and potentially lethal disease, which spreads via contaminated foods and water. The infection is particularly common in regions with poor sanitation. Common symptoms of typhoid fever include a high temperature, headaches, nausea, muscle pain, digestion problems such as constipation or diarrhoea, tiredness and confusion.

A booster dose of Hepatitis A vaccine after 6-12 of this vaccine will confer long term protection from the Hepatitis A virus.

Number of doses required: 1