Fit-to-fly (FTF) Test and Certificate

£120 – £230


If you are travelling abroad and you require proof of fit to fly, please select this service. Once the test has been completed and your result is confirmed negative, you will receive the relevant certificate confirming your fitness to fly.

Our same day service is an in-clinic service carried out by one of our trained clinicians.  The turnaround time from sample collection to receiving your result, typically takes up to 6hrs, however this could take up to midnight for your result to be ready.  If your result is not ready by midnight, we give you a full refund. If your result is unclear, we will offer you a free retest.

If required our trained clinician can collect your swab sample while you are in your car outside our clinic.

* If you have covid-19 symptoms please do not book an in-store test, only book a self-swab kit.

Cancellation of less than 48hrs notice will incur an administrative charge of £30.00

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Additional Information

This PCR test is the Gold Standard for determining those individuals who are infected and those who are not. In turn this greatly assists airlines and countries giving them a degree of control over the spread of the virus. By taking the test and following the guidelines we are all helping to halt the spread of this virus.  This COVID-19 home test kit will require you to complete a nasal and throat swab sample.

If you are travelling abroad from the UK, please remember to refer to the local government guidelines of your destination for advice on the type of test required to enter that country.

Please order your travel test kits as early as possible. Once your swab sample has been taken, it must arrive at our lab within 70 hours.

Please be aware that our COVID-19 home sample collection kits are available for UK delivery only.

We can do the test in-store or you can do it yourself at home with a kit we post to you.

Note: If your in-store test result is inconclusive or unclear, we will provide a free same-day retest.

If you buy our self-swabbing service and your result is inconclusive or unclear, you will need to purchase another test kit.

  • In-store tests are swabbed by our Trained Clinician
  • In-store tests are available by appointment only
  • 24 to 48 hour result option available
  • 4 to 6 hours (same day) result option available
  • Self-swabbing home kit available

With all the Covid testing we offer there are two options.

The first option is in-clinic, our Trained Clinician will do the swabbing for you; we register the kit and send it off to the laboratory. When your result is ready and  confirmed negative, you will receive the relevant  certificate confirming your fitness to fly by email to the email address you provided at registration.  With this option if your test result is inconclusive/unclear we will provide a free retest.

The second option is for you to buy the kit and register it yourself and send it to the laboratory – address included with the test kit.