Amber Return Travel Pack COVID-19 Test



Designed to take the stress out of journey, this Travel Pack provides the ideal solution for anyone travelling to the UK.

The convenient travel pack comprises 3 COVID-19 tests to cover all testing requirements for arriving to the UK.

1 x Day 2 test; 1 x Day 8 test and 1 x Test to Release on arrival back in the UK.

If required our trained clinician can collect your swab sample while you are in your car outside our clinic.

Cancellation of less than 48hrs notice will incur an administrative charge of £50.00

* If you have COVID-19 symptoms please do not book an in-store test, only book a self-swab kit.

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Additional Information

If you have been in France within 10 days of entering England, you must have a booking for both a Day 2 and a Day 8 test. You must also quarantine at home for 10 days. This applies whether or not you have been fully vaccinated. Please be aware this measures includes those who have travelled through France to reach their transport to the UK.*

*Except where operators have made arrangements compliant with the public health regulations that allow for transit. Please check with your operator.

  • Our DHSC Code provided for your passenger locator form
  • Suitable for passengers arriving from the UK government Amber list
  • In clinic sample collection by a Trained clinician (in your car outside our pharmacy)
  • Self Swabbing sample collection Kit (including postage to our partner laboratories)
  • Listed as UKAS Private Provider

With all the Covid testing we offer there are two options. The first option is in person, our Trained Clinician will do the swabbing for you; we register the kit and send it off to the laboratory. When your result is ready, we forward it by email to the email address you provided at registration. With this option if your test result is inconclusive/unclear we will provide a free retest.

The second option is for you to buy the kit and register it yourself and send it to the laboratory – address included with the test kit.

Cost for the three test kits in-store (or in your car outside the pharmacy), swabbed by our trained personnel:
£300 –  24 to 48 hours for the result each time (by appointment)

Cost for the three tests kits for self-swabbing at home:
£300 – including postage

The COVID-19 test kit will include the address of our partner laboratory to send your swab sample to and a Royal Mail Track 24 prepaid label.